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Everything you need to know about Metabolic Rate

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One of the coolest tests offered at Vitruviance is a Resting Metabolic Rate Test. That begs the expected question – what is a Resting Metabolic Rate? How can it help me with my health?

Metabolism simply refers to the process of converting food into energy. The efficiency at which your body accomplishes this is known as your metabolic rate. Each person’s metabolic rate is unique and relies on a variety of factors: weight, age, gender, body composition, hormone levels, activity levels.

Calculating a Metabolic Rate essentially means determining exactly how many calories an individual burns in a given day. Why is this useful? Because it relates directly to the most singularly important law of energy balance: if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you consume less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. While that is a somewhat simplified explanation, it holds true. In other words, understanding your Metabolic Rate is the first step to achieving a specific health goal.

Now, I will be completely honest – you can easily go online and find a Resting Metabolic Rate calculator. And if you have never calculated this number, this is a good place to start. I tell clients that these online calculators are usually fairly accurate at estimating your Resting Metabolic Rate. However, the one variable they don’t account for is your actual metabolism. These calculators plug in your statistics and pump out an average RMR based on an average metabolism for your age, weight, and gender. The problem is, you might have a faster or slower than the average.

For example: when I have done online calculators in the past, it usually estimates my RMR to be right around 1850 calories. However, when I have completed an actual RMR test, the number comes out right around 2100. I have a slightly faster than average metabolism. While the difference is only 250 calories, that can actually spell the difference between fat loss and fat gain.

While knowing your precise RMR is most commonly used for those looking to lose weight, it can be equally effective for individuals trying to maintain their weight, or even those trying to add lean muscle in a smart and efficient way. So regardless of your particular health goal, knowing and understanding your Resting Metabolic Rate can be a key tool in helping you achieve your goal.

The RMR test works by measuring your breath. Essentially, the machine can determine how much energy you are burning based on the oxygen output in your breath. The test itself takes 12-15 minutes and requires the participant to breathe through a tube while in a relaxed position.

Is it possible to lose weight or reach your fitness goals without knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate? Absolutely. But it is like flying a plane without navigation instruments. It is still possible to get to the intended destination, but why not have a clear image of your specific target? So set up a Resting Metabolic Rate Test today and arm yourself with information to help dial in your nutrition. Inform your Fitness!

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