Who is it for?
  • Those recovering from injury who want to get back in the gym or return to sports safely.

  • • Individuals who might not exercise regularly or want to start for the first time but aren’t sure the best way to do it.

  • • Anyone prone to or has had previous injury.

  • • People seeking advice for how to not only reach their peak physical performance in their job, social activities, or sports but also to maintain a healthy well rounded lifestyle.

  • • Anyone looking to start running or those training for runs that want professional gait/running analysis

Physical Therapy Consultation

Looking to live a healthier, more active lifestyle, but recovering from injury? Have aches and pains you are concerned about? Want advice on how to safely and effectively work out? Wish you could get personalized advice from a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy without the hassle? We’ve got you covered! Vitruviance offers video consultations for individuals who are in need of some additional advice and expertise when it comes to exercising safely, using science to get the most out of every work out, and avoiding common gym mistakes that can lead to injury and disability.

Quality Over Quantity

Physical Therapy Consultation Process



a 30 minute video consultation online.


Complete the included questionnaire 48 hours prior to the consultation so we are able to provide you the most personalized advice possible based on your goals!


You will receive a video link 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.


with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy with specific advice, stretches, exercises and lifestyle changes tailored to your specific job, sports, hobbies, and goals.


a followup to track progress!

Physical Therapy

Consultation Preparation

~Complete the questionnaire 48 hours in advance of the call to specify medical history, previous/current injuries or impairments, and your personal health, performance and wellness goals.
~Feel free to prepare any questions or specific topics you want to ask.
~Make sure to be somewhere with good WiFi in order to make the call as smooth as possible.


Physical Therapy Consultation