Frequently Asked Questions


If I want to purchase a multi-test package, do I sign up for multiple appointments?

Nope! If you sign up for a multi-test package, you will only book your initial test appointment. After your test, we will schedule your next appointment based on a timeframe that works for you!

Do I have to book an appointment or can I just walk in?

Appointments are preferred, but feel free to stop in if you would rather do that. However, booking an appointment assures that we have a time reserved for you and that we are able to give you proper preparation instructions, depending on what your appointment is for.

3D Body Composition Testing

What should I wear for a body composition test?

Clothing is the major variable that can affect test results. In order to ensure the most precise measurement, you want to wear as little clothing as possible. For women, spandex and a sports bra is ideal. For guys, compression shorts or boxer briefs are the best bet.

Wait a second! I don’t want to strip down to my underwear in front of people.

No problem! One of the best advantages of the Fit3D ProScanner is that a user can complete the test without the need for an administrator in the room. You simply follow the instructions on the kiosk. So you will have complete privacy during the testing process.

How long does the test take?

The scan itself only takes 45 seconds. You will start by entering some information into the computer. Once the scanner is ready, you hop on the scale and hold the handles. The platform will rotate 360 degrees to complete the scan. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

How often should I do a 3D Body Scan?

The 3D Body Scanning we offer is awesome because the included user dashboard allows you to track your improvements over time, from scan to scan.

With that being said, you want the time in between scans to be long enough to allow for changes but short enough to stay top of mind for motivational reasons. Usually getting a scan every 1-3 months is a good bet. However, if you love constantly tracking your progress, feel free to get an unlimited plan and come in every week!

RMR Testing

Why does my Resting Metabolic Rate Matter?

Your Resting Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories your body burns at rest. In other words, the calories your body needs just to function on a daily basis, not including physical movement and exercise.

Knowing your RMR is important because it can help you determine the number of calories you want to consume in order to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or add weight.

Can't I just estimate my RMR using a formula online?

There are many formulas to estimate your RMR, but the key word there is estimate. Every person is very different and has a unique body and metabolism. Formulas might estimate your RMR within 100-200 calories or so, but unfortunately that can be the difference between being able to lose weight or not lose weight.

The RMR test we administer is able to very accurately determine your actual Resting Metabolic Rate, which is more useful than a formula used to estimate.

What do I have to do for the test?

Just sit back, relax, and breathe! That’s it. You will breath into a disposable mouth piece through your mouth for about ten minutes while the machine calculates your resting metabolic rate.

Personal Training

How long are the Personal Training Sessions?

We offer 30 minute or 60 minute personal training sessions based on your preferences.

Where do you do the training?

Training takes place at Achieve Fitness Studio in Lakewood. We also offer in home personal training if you have equipment available and prefer that.

What sort of things would we do during training?

Personal training is always custom designed to fit the clients goals and needs. After our initial consultation, I will structure a training program that works for you and each workout will be designed around that!