Who is it for?
  • • People looking to lose weight

  • • Individuals that want advice and assistance related to healthy eating.

  • • Those who have tried diets before but have trouble keeping the weight off.

What is Included?
  • • Two (2) 3D Body Scans Included

  • • One (1) RMR Test to accurately gauge caloric needs prior to starting plan.

  • • 30 Minute Consultation to discuss your individual goals, nutritional habits, and questions.

  • • A customized diet plan delivered within 48 hours of initial consultation, based on your personal preferences for how you want to track your eating.

  • •Unlimited email and text support.

Custom Nutritional Plans

At Vitruviance we know that each person is unique and has unique needs. With that in mind, we want to develop a nutritional plan that will work for you. These plans aren’t about crash dieting, the popular diet of the month, or restricting calories to unhealthy levels.

The Vitruviance Process

Custom Nutritional Plan Consultation



Initial hour long Consultation, including 3D Body Scan, RMR Test, and planning meeting.

Fill out

the questionnaire that you will get emailed to you 48 hours before your initial appointment.


initial 3D Body Scan, RMR Test, and Consultation to go over your specific goals and needs.


Custom Nutrition Plan within 48 hours of initial consultation - customized for you!


the Nutrition Plan, and check in with any questions or concerns you have!

Nutritional Plan


~Fill out the Nutritional Plan Questionnaire 48 hours prior to your Initial Consultation.
~For your Fit3d Body Scan during your initial appointment, make sure you are wearing form fitting or compression undergarments for an accurate scan.


Nutritional Package (Two 3D Scans, RMR Test, Consultation, and Custom Plan)