Who is it for?
  • • Anyone who wants to see where they are at with their health

  • • People looking to track progress over time and see changes and improvements

  • • Anyone starting a new workout or nutritional plan

What does it measure?
  • • Body Fat Percentage

  • • 3D detailed imagery of your entire body

  • • Overall weight, Fat Mass, Lean Mass

  • • Detailed Measurements of specific areas and muscles (neck, chest, waist, biceps, etc)

  • • Balance and Posture Analysis

3D Body Composition Testing

A three dimensional scan of your entire body. Using a machine called the ‘Fit 3D Pro Scanner,’ you are able to get highly detailed and accurate measurements of your body composition, posture and more. These scans are then sent to a personalized dashboard so that you can view your fitness progress over time and compare to previous scans.

The Vitruviance Testing Process

3D Body Composition Scan



15 minute appointment or come on in!


form fitting or compression undergarments when you to to complete test


your individual user information into kiosk.


Stand on platform and hold handles. Stand still for 45 seconds as platform rotates and scan is completed.


Data will be automatically exported to your account within a few minutes for you to review.


Get back out there and get after it! Repeat steps 1-5 and see your progress right in front of your eyes.

Day Of

Test Preparation

One of the great things about the Fit3D ProScanner (as opposed to many other body composition devices) is that there are not restrictions on eating, drinking, and exercising prior to the test. So the only real preparation needed is the attire to wear during the testing process. See the images below for examples.

If you are retesting, it is ideal (but not necessary) to try and test under similar circumstances. For instance, testing the first time right after a huge lunch in the afternoon and the second time in the morning before eating anything might slightly skew the results.


Single Test


Test and Retest (2)


Quarterly Package (4)


Monthly Tests (12)


Unlimited Package (1/week)