Body Composition Testing Made EASY!
If your body could talk, what would it tell you? At Vitruviance, we use cutting edge testing to find out just that! Stop by today for our state of the art health tests and fitness consultations. Time to inform your fitness!

Our Services

3D Body Comp Testing

Get Your Scan Done Today!

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

See exactly how many calories your body burns

Vo2 Max Testing

Find out your Cardiovascular Fitness Level

Custom Nutritional Plans

Get a meal plan made to fit your needs

Custom Workout Plans

Made to fit your goals. Made to fit your schedule.

Personal Training

Get individualized workout help from a CPT

3D Body Scan Packages

Single Scan (1)

$ 45

Per Scan

Test and Retest (2)

$ 75

$37.50 / ScanSave $15

Quarterly (4)

$ 120

$30 / ScanSave $60

Monthly (12)Best Value!

$ 250

$20.83 / ScanSave $290

Additional Services

RMR Test

$ 50

Per Test

VO2 Max Test

$ 100

Per Month

VO2 Max Test and Retest (2)

$ 180

$90 / Test

Workout Plan

$ 300

Includes 2 3D Body Scans, 1 RMR Test

Nutrition Plan

$ 300

Includes 2 3D Body Scans, 1 RMR Test

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